About us

Nandex Media Productions started in 2015 as a way of helping musicians build a career in music. Through our various activities and promotion strategies we also provide services such as Artist management, song writing and composing, demo, commercials, Events, Interviews, jingles, online services, Billboard, flyers, Handbills, multimedia promotions all over the world. We work exclusively with Impact Recording Studio, which means we can concentrate on managing and Promoting.

Our vision is to help build a career and promote artist on various platforms to enable and empower them reach the nations and peoples of the earth with their message through their music and life-changing experience through our strategic ideas and services with excellence and perseverance.

We have dynamic team members including, CEO, Project Manager, Secretary, famous DJ’S and presenters, Television stations, Radio station, Pastors, song composers, instrumentalists, consultants, managers, critiques, living legends and many more who are willing to take up the task of bringing dreams to life by making use of cutting-edge technology to produce positive results by continually taking advantage of innovations in the electronic media and cyber world, we sell available tracks and videos in mobile and electronic downloadable formats as well as hard copies .